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Meet Andrea

It all started when...

        we moved to this beautiful little village called Winnetka. I fell in love with our community and the people and businesses who make our little slice of Lake Michigan home. It was then I decided that the best use of my experience was to align my skills while serving my own backyard in Chicago's North Shore.

My passion for entertaining runs VERY deep. I truly believe that celebrations (no matter the scale or budget)show the people we care about just how much they mean to us.

If you've stayed long enough on my site to read this, I hope something about SoiréeSmith has felt like the right fit. I am beyond excited to hear about whatever celebration you are planning that has brought you to me!


Some fun get-to-know you facts about Andrea

When not working, you'll find me with this crew. ❤️

I believe we should celebrate everything, follow along with my personal soirées with the culled collection of #soireesmithathome on instagram.