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Well hello there,

I sincerely cannot convey my thanks enough for taking the time to come check out this little venture of mine!

So who or what is the SoiréeSmith you might ask? Well let me explain!

I’m Andrea Smith.  Born in Canada as Andrea Stewart, I found a man with a name even blander than my own (HA! Patrick's joke not my own).  

 Robyn Chew Photography

Robyn Chew Photography

I’ve spent my entire career in the hospitality industry (and well my personal life too as it led to my meeting and falling in love with Patrick! Who is a rockstar in his own right in the luxury hotel world). I started planning weddings, events and conferences back in 2005 for some of the preeminent hotels in both Toronto and then Chicago (more coming on a history of these hotels on Instagram shortly!).

Working as a catering manger at these iconic luxury hotels afforded me opportunities to plan a wide range of events with a diverse group of clients.  I've worked on everything you can imagine.   Parties for Hollywood A-Listers, corporate galas, intimate dinners, and many fabulous weddings!  It was an excellent training ground for me to learn how to "do things right" as nothing else will suffice at a Five Star Hotel. 

While working on events in the glamorous world of upscale hotels was my profession, there is nothing I love more than being with my own family and having our family and friends gathered at home celebrating all of life's milestones.  These moments always warm my heart in a special way and I cherish the entire process.  From working on ideas for the gathering, to the menu planning, to the execution, to the actual event, to the thank you notes.

My passion for weddings and professional career in hospitality originates from these smaller family affairs. I've always viewed weddings as the ultimate family celebration.  When you, your partner and your chosen guests gather for a wedding you are celebrating the start of your new family. It's so simple and beautiful. Every wedding is special to me in that it reminds me of the joy that my family life has brought to me.  A wedding is the start of another family whose lives will be enriched by being together.

Family is why I do what I do. I still get teary-eyed every time I send one of my brides down the aisle. It's the most important part of the day. The rest of the day is just a backdrop to this moment. My vow to each of my couples is that we won't forget this in all of the minutia and small decisions along the way. 

This new adventure, starting my own planning firm, is my own walk down the aisle.  I'm so happy, so excited to experience the adventure that lays ahead, and I'm ready to celebrate!

I'd love if you could share in this journey with me. I'll be doling out helpful advice, along the way whether you're a bride, a wedding guest or hosting an affiliated wedding celebration. I'll be here, and happy to help!

Let's get celebrating!


 Logo Design:    EJD Design

Logo Design: EJD Design

And now the name. How did I get to this? Well, thanks to the dictionary (and an ingenious husband) we forged two words together. 

Soirée: an evening party or social gathering, especially one held for a particular purpose: a musical soiree.
— [swah-rey] noun
Smith: maker - often used in combination (blacksmith, tunesmith, wordsmith)
— [smiTH] noun

SoiréeSmith - a maker of social gatherings.