New Year, New Photo Resolutions!

 SoiréeSmith  © 2018

SoiréeSmith © 2018

I don't know about you, but every year I start off the year very well intentioned on goal setting, and a fresh start. And generally things fall by the wayside quickly, in part because I never share my goals and there is no one holding me accountable to myself.

2018 started off very inspired by the MANY leaders in our "creatives" industry and I was inspired by everyone's willingness to share their best practices. Also, one of the best Christmas gifts I received (albeit I was not so subtle about it) was my #hustle StartPlanner. If you're still looking for a great planner for this year, I suggest checking it out NOW (they are almost totally sold out)! 

Untitled design-2.jpg

This is the long way around the barn to say, that I was inspired to share one of my personal goals in 2018 is to finally get my images OFF my phone/computer and ONTO my walls and INTO albums! And in doing my research, I thought - hey, this might just help #pastbrides too! 

In an ideal world, you had a package that had print credits and a beautifully (and carefully) crafted album by your photographer. But I also know this is 2018, and some couples may go for just obtaining the high res images. OR, you have so many great non professional images from these amazing "phones" we carry around these days, you want to do something with these pictures too. 

I don't know about you, but I just love a photo album and the chance to pour over the intimacy of people's memories? Maybe it's my own children getting old enough to enjoy looking at pictures, or too many years of good intentions have finally piled high enough...but I am doing something about it. Who is going to join me?

So grab your coffee (or the whole pot) and let's get to work!

Get your images on the WALL!

1. Framebridge

Probably my favourite of the wall hanging options with two options for submission of art! Choose from either digital upload or mail in your art services. They have the widest selection (and some SUPER gorgeous frames as well). They also offer a designer recommendation service, in case you're having a hard time making selections. 

Pricing starts from $39, and they promise a cap of $199.  Well worth checking out!

2. Artifact Uprising

If this company has not shown up in your Instagram feed on the regular, well then you're most welcome! 

The highest starting price point of my selections for wall hanging your images beginning at $69. I do however love the quality of their printing of the actual photographs. They too have a huge assortment of frame selections. 

3.  Frameology

If you're looking to do a gallery wall of wedding images, I highly recommend looking at Frameology. For a wall mounted 8x10 image they start from $39/frame! A steal if you have a LOT of pictures to put up on the wall. I'm personally a huge fan of their Berry Chrome and Black lines! 

Make an ALBUM!

1. Artifact Uprising

Yes, Artifact Uprising makes the list twice, because they fit both the wall and album categories. There is a reason they've made the recommendation list of oh Oprah, Vogue, Style Me Pretty and more! This is a design it yourself album, and pricing starts from $139 for 20 pages. 

2.  chatbooks

This is a company that is literally making it SO easy you have no excuse. While I personally wouldn't do my professional images with chatbooks, they are perfect for the candids from all your guests that day.

OH! ...if you had a super fun and well used #hashtag on your wedding day. You can even create an album in a matter of mere minutes by connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts and searching by your hashtag. Their albums start from (are you ready) $15!!!!!!! And they've got partnerships with Rifle Paper Co & Kate Space for some ADORABLE cover designs!

3. Tweed Wolf

And finally for the Rolls Royce of wedding albums that were not prepared by your photographer. You simply upload your photos, they have designers send you a proof of what they've designed (for your approval of course) and you'll receive an album a couple of weeks later. 

Premium wedding (180 pages) quality albums start from $495 (and normal archival 120 pages starting from $295), but if you're pushing celebrating oh say your 4th wedding anniversary and you still haven't made that book; this might be worth looking into!

Definitely send me a note or tag me with #soireesmithorganized if you too get this off your goal list for 2018!