SoiréeSmith Services

Having worked well over 100 weddings, countless smaller social events, and years of multi-day corporate programs. I understand that you require the best experience possible to turn your vision into a reality. Whether starting from square one just trying to secure a date, to design conception or just help dotting the i's and crossing the t's to your months of planning, I am here to assist you in taking the production of your event to your dream heights!

Winnetka Wedding


I flat out LOVE weddings. I love LOVE! Your wedding day will always stand out in memory as one of the best days of your lives. My role is to make sure that the planning process and the event itself does not eclipse the true reason the day is happening. Whether you need full service help or just some help in that final 30 days, my mission is to make sure the importance of your marriage is not lost in the minutiae of wedding details. I'm here to help you stay excited about the day and focused on your future spouse, family and guests!

Birthday Celebration Winnetka


Having a small family of my own, birthday party planning and creativity is my latest passion (not kidding...I'm already planning my son's 2nd birthday theme and we have 11 months to go!). If you're looking for a creative (and perhaps not so Party City cookie-cutter themed) event to celebrate those first milestone celebrations - trust me I am your girl! Oh.. this also applies for "kids at heart" too! 



Do you have a very special guest of honor (bride or mom to be) to shower your love on? When those big milestones are happening let ME help YOU feel as pampered as the guest of honor! No last minute running to a multitude of stores to put together a perfect theme. I love to learn about and find creative ways to celebrate your friend that will leave you looking like the most thoughtful person!